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Tips on How to Pack and Ship Plasma TVs

ship a plasma tv

Pack and ship plasma TVs properly to avoid costly damages. These devices are fragile, heavy and expensive items that make transporting them seem like a daunting task. They will be subjected to bumps and vibrations during transport that could cause expensive or even irreparable damages.  Thus, it is important to properly and securely package a plasma TV to minimize the risk of damage during shipping. Nevertheless, there are ways to pack and ship a plasma TV that ensures their safety. Here are some practical tips on how to pack and ship plasma TVs.

The ideal method of packing a plasma TV for shipping is to use its original box and packing materials. These packing materials provide the optimum protection to the item when it was sent to the stores from the manufacturer and then to your home. If the original box and packaging materials are no longer available, there are still ways to efficiently pack the TV set and prevent any damage.

Wrap the plasma TV in generous amounts of bubble wrap. Three layers or even more of bubble wrap will provide a strong cushioning layer that will protect the TV against bumps. Make sure to cover every surface of the plasma TV, paying extra attention to the screen which can crack and break in case of a violent bump or drop.

Use Styrofoam blocks to protect the corners of the plasma TV which are prone to bumps. You can also use Styrofoam blocks to fill gaps between the plasma TV and the shipping box.

Plasma TVs should only be transported with its right-side-up so that its internal electronic components, as well as the tubes of gaseous substances inside, will not be damaged. Laying the TV on its side might have a negative impact on these components and affect the picture quality and integrity of the device. Furthermore, there is very little support in the middle part of the screen that can lead to cracks and distortion if the plasma TV is laid flat for a long time.

It is a good idea to ship plasma TVs using the services of a company that has extensive experience in shipping fragile electronic items. Their professional staff knows exactly how to handle these fragile devices.  They also provide the vehicle capacity necessary to keep the plasma TV upright throughout the trip, thereby ensuring that the TV arrives safely and in good condition its new destination.

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