Drop Test: Ensuring Your Shipment Arrives in Excellent Condition

Shipping Package - Drop Test While most carriers swear that they handle every package they receive and deliver with the utmost care, it is not always the case. Labeling your box with Handle With Care, Fragile, Do Not Drop, or This Side Up neither ensure that the package will not fall, get bumped, or kicked while on its way to its destination.

The truth is, packages are exposed to all sorts of adverse conditions during the shipping process. The boxes and their contents may sustain damage due to improper handling or accidental dropping while being transported manually or with the help of shipping machinery.

Thus, ensuring that your item arrives in excellent form lies on your hand and the way you packed it. We’ve always described a properly packed item as one contained in a sturdy box, sufficiently cushioned and filled on all sides, top and bottom with ample packing materials to prevent any movement. The box must be sealed the box with tape to secure and prevent it from bursting open while in transit.

To be absolutely sure that you packed your item right, it is best to do drop testing to make sure that your package can withstand the abuse it is likely to get exposed to while in transit. The standard drop test used for basic items is the 4-foot drop test.

In this test, the item and its packaging must be able to survive to fall from a 4-foot drop onto a hard surface without breakage. The package should also withstand impact from different orientations as it gets dropped on its base, top, longest side, shortest side, and a corner.

In addition to the drop test, your item and packaging should also be able to survive a full minute of vigorous shaking without the content getting damaged or the packaging breaking apart.

If your item survives these tests, you are packing your shipments properly and can rest assured that they can withstand the harsh shipping environment.

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