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USPS Priority Mail – A Simple Way to Ship

USPS Priority Mail

If you are planning to ship items domestically, or even internationally, why not consider the United States Postal Service’s Priority mail options? These shipping options are fuzz-free, fast and cost-effective way of sending items anywhere in the world. With these methods, expect your domestic packages to be delivered within two to three days while international Priority Mail delivers to most parts of the world within six to 10 days.

You can save a lot on shipping materials too as there is no charge for Priority Mail shipping materials such as boxes, envelopes, and Priority Mail stickers. Here are simple tips on how to use the USPS Priority Mail services.

To get free Priority Mail shipping materials such as envelopes, boxes and labels, go to your local post office and ask for them.  You can also order them online through the USPS website.

One good thing about the USPS Priority Mail is the flat rate options. The rate remains the same regardless of the weight of your package as long as it fits into a Priority Envelope, Small Priority Box, Medium Priority Box or Large Priority Box. However, be informed that there are domestic and international rates for each flat-rate option.

If you decided not to use the flat-rate options, you need to take the weight and dimensions your package so you can place an order and pay online. You can also go to any Post Office to pay and ship the package.

For a totally fuzz-free shipping, you may want to consider the Click-N-Ship” option at www.USPS.com. You can place your order and pay using a credit or debit card online where you will be walked through easy-to-follow steps. When you choose to pay online, you will be able to print a shipping label with legal postage. You will also be given the option of scheduling a package pickup, eliminating the need to take the package to the post office yourself.

Make sure to attach the shipping label carefully to the package. It shouldn’t peel off easily.

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