New unpoppable Bubble Wrap is more effective, cost-efficient and environment-friendly

Sealed Air, the originator of the bubble wrap, has launched an upoppable version of the ubiquitous packing material. Called Bubble Wrap IB, the new protective packaging solution is aimed at the ever-growing e-commerce and supply chain sector.

Unlike the original bubble wrap which features individual air pockets, the Bubble Wrap IB has specially-designed air channels that does not pop when pressure is applied. Intead, air is shifted into another channel which transfers shock away from products and provides better protection.

Other features include better damage reduction; more cube optimization which minimizes box size, helping companies reduce freight costs and resource consumption; and better fulfillment velocity by minimizing the number of packaging layers needed. This means less waste and less energy are consumed to create more plastic stuff that usually ends up in landfills.

The unpoppable bubble wrap also comes in flat sheets of patented polymeric film which can then be inflated on-site with a special pump. By inflating only what is needed, Bubble Wrap IB minimizes the space required for storage.

This innovation may change the way we open packages as we lose that chance to get our hands, or fingers, on some poppable bubble wrap. But if it protects our packages more effectively while significantly reducing our carbon footprint, who are we to complain?

For those who can’t live without the therapeutic effect of popping bubble wrap, Sealed Air will continue making the traditional poppable bubble wrap so don’t fret. Plus the app is still out there.


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