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Where’s My Shipment? Use the Web to Track your Packages

Tracking Shipments on the Web

Tracking is an important part of shipping. It eliminates guesswork and the unwanted stresses that arise when a sender or recipient is clueless of the whereabouts of his package. Most carriers offer tracking services free of charge and it is best to only use companies which offer this service.

A tracking number provides unique identification to a package within a carrier’s system. It logs the progress of the package as it makes its way to its destination. The tracking number should also make looking for lost packages quick and easy as well as serve as an important evidence when filing a claim.

For online retailers, it is good business practice to always provide customers with tracking numbers of their ordered items. This will not only help avoid lost packages but also an online seller’s protection against unscrupulous customers who file charge backs for orders that they have already received. In this age of scams and frauds, nothing provides peace of mind to a customer who bought something from an online stranger than having a tracking number that proves that the item is already on its way.

Major carriers offer tracking tools on their websites. Simply provide a tracking number and click “Track.” Here are links to Package Tracking Systems on the web:

Yahoo: All you need to do to track a package in Yahoo is enter the tracking number from major shipping companies in the search box and press enter.

Ask: Just type is the tracking number on the Ask search box, press enter and you’ll be directed to tracking service of the carrier you may be using.

UPS Package Tracking: If you have a UPS package, you can trace it from here.

USPS Package Tracking: Know the whereabouts of your package from the USPS site.

FedEx Package Tracking: Use this link to track a FedEx package.

DHL Package Tracking: Track a DHL package here.

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