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Packing for a Move – Tips for a Stress-Free Relocation

Packing for a Move

Moving to a new location is both exciting and challenging. It opens new opportunities and experiences. However, moving with your stuff in tow can be quite stressful. Armed with the following moving tips, we hope to make your transfer less exasperating.

Take only the essentials. Do not bring everything with you, especially the bulky pieces which are usually more costly to ship. Chances are, it’s more economical to buy a new furniture in your new location than ship an old one. Months before your move, determine which items you are bringing with you. You can sell, give away to friends and family or donate to charity those that did not make the cut.

Organize your stuff and pack pack one room at a time to make unpacking in your new address quick and easy.  Start with items that you seldom use – such as books and knick knacks.  Keep “every day” items, such as cooking appliances and cutlery, handy. Save packing them until the end.

The key to a successful move is proper packing. Use sturdy boxes and crates, as well as ample packing materials to prevent damages. Proper labeling is a must so you can settle in smoothly and won’t go crazy looking for stuff.

Don’t waste space and fill each box to its capacity, using enough cushions and fillers to eliminate empty spaces. However, do not over-pack a box to the point of bulging or the seams ripping.  Also consider the weight capacity of the boxes.  Seal the boxes and reinforce their bottoms with packing tape to prevent them from bursting open when being handled or hauled.

Disassemble items that can be taken apart to make handling them manageable and also to make them occupy less space. Just make sure that all screws and connecting accoutrements are properly stored in bags with labels on them.

Pack valuables such as jewelry, cash and important documents separately and plan on keeping these items with you.

Whenever possible use the original shipping boxes for packing electronics. Double boxing them is also a good idea. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for packing such items when available.

When packing bulky home appliances, make sure they are clean and completely dry. Secure moving parts such as refrigerator doors and shelves with tape to prevent damage. Roll electrical cords and tape to the main unit. Depending on the distance and the mode of transportation that will be used, you might consider crating bulky appliances to protect them from damage.

Wrap glass and breakable items in bubble wrap and use newspaper to fill extra spaces in boxes. Pack plates in dish protectors and pack them on their edges in dish pack boxes. Protect fine silver in cloth and pack well in boxes.

For large mirrors or framed artworks, cover both sides with bubble wrap and heavy cardboard, and bind with tape.

If the budget allows, you can hire someone to do the packing for you. However, you’ll save significantly by doing the job on your own.

Use a moving company with excellent track record to avoid any issues. Remember that excellent service comes at a premium. It’s better to spend a little more for an experienced and reputable company than take risk on cheap but unreliable service.

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