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3 Key Considerations for Efficient and Successful eCommerce Shipping

eCommerce Shipping

Apart from ensuring the your product actually reaches your customer without any damage, choosing the right packaging is also important to keep shipping expenses to a minimum and give a good impression for possible repeat business. Here are the 3 key considerations for efficient and successful shipping.

Keep Costs to a Minimum
Know whether the carrier you will use charge according to a package’s dimensional weight or actual weight, then pack accordingly. Where possible, pack your products in a manner that keeps them protected as well as lean.

Use appropriately-sized containers. Reduce waste and improve efficiencies by packing in boxes with just enough extra space for padding to protect your fragile item. Boxes that are too large will require more packing materials to fill dead space, adding up to your expenses as well as to your carbon footprint.

Prevent Damage
Avoid expensive returns and refunds by making sure that your package will survive the harsh shipping environment. Don’t just cushion, box and label your goods with “Fragile” then hope for the best. Test it out by dropping your package onto a hard surface from about four feet up (industry standard) at different angles. Also try the full-minute vigorous shaking test. Unpack the box and check for any damage. Make necessary improvements as necessary and take note of the technique that worked for your goods.

Impact is not the only cause of damage during transit. Water and moisture can also ruin your goods. When shipping moisture-sensitive items, add a silica gel packet to control humidity and absorb moisture. Also place items in sealed polybags to keep them protected from leaks and water damage.

Use the right packing materials. Depending on the item being shipped, pick a material that will keep your goods from settling in the bottom of the box. Some of the best materials for filling voids are inflated air bags, packing peanuts, or kraft paper, all of which actually help to absorb impact.

Pick a sturdy box that will protect your item on all sides, top and bottom. It should be strong enough and will not buckle when a heavier package is placed on top. Properly seal everything by choosing tape at least 2” wide.

Make a good impression
Use clean packaging always. Don’t mess up a dainty silk top by packing it in a pizza box! Always consider how your customer will react to your packaging. Properly and nicely packaged items is a great way to entice customers into purchasing another product from you! Repeat buys come from satisfied customers.

Don’t make unpacking the box frustrating to your customer. Sure you want to make the item protected from every bump or fall during transit but it is not a reason to bubble wrap and tape it like mad. Provide sufficient padding and protection but also make it easy to unwrap.

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