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Shipping with mailing tubes

mailing tubes

Using mailing tubes is a great way to send out elongated items such as fishing rods and baseball bats. These tubes, which come in a variety of sizes, are also ideal for shipping items that you don’t want to get folded or wrinkled such as posters, maps, blueprint diagrams, unframed paintings, and even fabric. All you have to do is roll the item, place it inside the tube, put on the plastic caps that come with it and seal with tape to ensure that they will not pop out.

Because of its shape irregular shape and curving surface, putting on the address can be a bit difficult on a tube. Here are some ways on how to properly address a mailing tube to make sure that it will arrive on time and won’t be left in the shipping company’s warehouse because of the improper or unreadable shipping address.

1. The address box must be placed on the center of the mailing tube. Use a permanent marker to write the name and address of the receiver.  Make sure your writing is legible and not too big nor too small.

2. Don’t forget to also write your name and return address information in the upper left corner of the address box.

3. As much as possible, write the address such that the one who is reading it will not have to turn the tube to be able to read everything.

4. When using a printed shipping label, choose one that can also be read easily without the need to turn the tube around. Make sure that the font type and size used are easy to read.

5. Stick a wide clear packing tape on top of the address to protect it from the elements such as dirt and moisture which can smudge the writing and render it unreadable.

You may now take the mailing tube to a shipping company or post office.

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