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How to address a package

Wrong, illegible  or destroyed address labels are some of the reasons why shipments are delayed, returned to senders or do not reach their destinations at all. To ensure that your packages arrives on time and without any hassles, correct address information must be provided and placed on the right part of the box or envelope. Here are guidelines on how to address a package for shipping.

Use the complete and correct name of the recipient together with his accurate address.

Make sure to write legibly using a permanent marker or print using readable fonts. The address must be legible from an arm’s length away.

Avoid commas, periods, or other punctuation. This will help your package speed through the post office’s processing equipment.

Also include the ZIP Code when you can.

Place the delivery and return addresses on the same side of your package, parallel to the longest edge. The return address is placed on the on the upper left corner while the destination address is printed in the center of the package.

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