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Best Practices When Shipping Packages

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Apart from ensuring that items to be shipped are well-packed within their boxes and have very low chance of getting damaged while in transit, other important precautionary procedures must be observed to avoid any accidents or problems when shipping. Here are some best practices that must be taken into consideration when shipping packages.

Use appropriate packing techniques for each item. You cannot pack a set of stemware using the same supplies and techniques you used for packing a stuffed toy and expect it to arrive without damage. Determine how fragile your item and pack accordingly using the right materials and procedures.

Take photographs. Take snap shots as you pack your items. These will serve as evidence in case you need to file a claim when something bad happened to the package during transit. Photographic evidence is usually irrefutable and will serve as proof that you took all steps to protect your items from damage and tampering.

Label packages appropriately. This is especially important when shipping packages containing regulated or hazardous materials. Apart from complying with certain shipping regulations, labels are meant to serve as a warning for shipping personel to handle a package with care not only to avoid damages but also to ensure safety.

Know the weather on the shipping route. Research the weather conditions of the route of your shipment before it reaches its destination and pack your items accordingly. Sealing electronic devices in plastic bags will protect them from moisture in case your package gets exposed to rain during transit. Add hot or cold packs in your package if the items you are shipping are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Keep all documents and receipts in a safe place. Store your shipping documents and tracking number in a safe but easy to access location. Also take note of your carrier’s customer service hotline so you can contact them immediately if you can’s track your shipment or problems arise during transit. Nothing is more comforting than knowing who to contact when something went amiss while your valuable package is in the hands of a carrier.

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