Shipping Barrels – A Great Alternative Container When Shipping in Bulk

Shipping barrels Shipping barrels can be made from a variety of sturdy materials such as reinforced cardboard, plastic and steel. They also come with lids and lever locking fasteners that keep contents safe and intact making them excellent alternatives to the usual shipping containers like cardboard boxes especially when sending out items in bulk.

Because shipping barrels are sturdy, items are well protected and chances of the package bursting open while in transit are minimized. This is a clear advantage over cardboard boxes that can burst open at the seams especially when containing heavy items.

Almost all kinds of goods can be shipped in shipping barrels including fragile and heavy stuff as long as each one is properly packed. Clothing, canned goods, toys, grains, personal effects, household cleaning products, even small appliances can be packed together in one barrel and shipped to a single destination. Even bottled items can be included in the package as long as they are well-padded and protected. Here are some tips when packing a barrel for shipping.

Before packing your items, sort them according to type and weight. Heavier items and those that can withstand extra load on top of them should be packed first. These include canned goods and items contained in cardboard boxes such as small appliances.

When sending foodstuff such as rice, sugar, and flour, these should be packed in sealed plastic bags and packed on top of the cans. Avoid including perishable items such as fresh fruits as these can easily go bad and contaminate the entire barrel.

As much as possible, only include items that are packed in plastic bottles. In case you really have to send liquids in glass bottles, make sure they will not leak and wrap them in sufficient padding before placing in the barrel.

Also place them in sealed plastic bags to prevent contaminating the other items in case of breakage or leaks.

Use soft items such as towels and clothing to cushion delicate items. Place them around the bottles to give extra support and prevent movements.

Lightweight items such as clothing and plush toys should be placed at the top of the barrel.  Place them in sealed plastic bags to prevent damage from any possible spillage.

When shipping toiletries, such as bath soaps, lotions, shampoos and cleaning products, seal them in plastic bags and place on top of the barrel and away from dry goods and food items.

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