How to Ship a Mynah Bird

Shipping a live Mynah

Mynahs are gaining popularity as pets because of their ability to produce sounds or mimic human speech, when in captivity. They are easy to take care of and a great alternative to the more common pets like dogs and cats. Shipping pet mynahs can be stressful for both the owner and the bird.  These creatures are sensitive and often easily startled. Thus, mynahs must be prepared properly before shipping or transporting them to ensure that they arrive in their new destination in good condition. Here are some tips on how to ship a mynah and avoid “ruffling any feathers” during the transport.

A few days before shipping, take your bird to the vet for a routine check-up. Let your vet know that the mynah is being transported so they can perform the necessary procedures and look for signs of any illnesses or problems that might be a problem when traveling.

If the mynah is being shipped to another country, ask the vet to prepare all the relevant health certificates as well as administer the necessary vaccinations. These are requirements when shipping live animals abroad, especially if it is being transported by air.

Another important consideration is the pet’s documentation. Research whether the bird’s new destination allows such species to be transported into their territory. Some countries have very strict regulations in allowing entry to live animal shipments. Make sure to prepare all the permits and requirements needed and comply with the destination’s regulations.

Mynahs are best transported in a bird carrier. Ask your vet or the local pet store for recommendations on which carrier is ideal for your pet. A week before shipping day, acclimatize the mynah to the carrier by having it stay in it. These will minimize the stress the bird will encounter during shipping.

To ensure the safety and well being of your mynah, hire a reputable pet transporter. Make sure the company has the necessary statutory documents and licenses.

Aside from transporting the animal, a professional pet mover can also help with other aspects of shipping such as completing the paperwork. They also have the know-how to ensure that the bird is well taken care of during the entirety of the trip. Give your pet transporter important information about your bird including its temperament and special requirements like feeding.

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