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How to Ship a Remote Controlled Car

ship a remote controlled car

Remote controlled, also called radio controlled or R/C, cars are self-powered model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter. They come in a variety of sizes, types and price range, from cheap toy store finds to expensive loaded-with-features varieties. Remote controlled cars are not only toys for young boys, a lot of adult men also enjoy playing with them.

When shipping remote controlled cars, they must be properly packed to avoid any damage and ensure that they are in good condition upon arrival to their destination.  Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a remote controlled car.

Turn the controls off on the car. Remove or drain batteries. Also remove removable parts and accessories. Wrap the car and its accessories, including the remote control mechanism, in bubble wrap. Make sure that all parts are well cushioned and padded. Use tape to secure the wrap in place.

Cheap and light-weight remote controlled cars can be simply boxed, with ample packing materials on all sides, top and bottom, to keep it from moving during transit. However, bigger, complicated and expensive R/Cs must be double boxed for optimum protection. Place the remote controlled car in an inner box with packing materials all around before putting it inside a larger box. Use sufficient packing materials on all sides, top and bottom to keep the inner box immobile in the center of the larger box.

Close and seal the outer box. Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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