How to Ship a Kitchen Thermometer

Ship a Kitchen Thermometer A thermometer is one of the most important gadgets in the kitchen. It aids in ensuring that any food you are baking, roasting, stewing or frying is cooked to perfection and will not come out raw or overcooked. Kitchen thermometers come in several types and styles and vary in level of technology and price.

The most common kitchen thermometers are the electronic probe with cord, instant-read, and candy/deep-fat fry thermometers. The electronic probe with a cord is designed to remain in the food while it is cooking in an oven or covered pot. The probe is connected to a base unit with a thin heat resistant cord. The base unit with a digital screen, placed outside the oven or pot, provides temperature readings and eliminates the need to open the oven or pot to check for food’s doneness. The device can be programmed to set off an alarm when the desired temperature is reached.

Instant-read thermometers look like a metal skewer with an analog or digital temperature gauge on the other end. It is poked into the meat to get a reading of internal temperature. They are not designed to remain on the food while cooking. Fork models with two thines on the end are also available and are useful when grilling.

As the name suggests, candy or deep-fat fry thermometers are used in candy making or deep frying food. They withstand much higher temperatures usually come with a hook to attach to the side of the pot to keep them from touching the hot metal.

When shipping kitchen thermometers, they must be properly packed to protect the fragile temperature gauge or electronic mechanisms from damage. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly pack and ship a kitchen thermometer.

Use the original packing when possible. Make sure that the thermometer and its accessories fit snugly in their compartments. Use pieces of bubble wrap to keep loose items from moving. There should be no movement inside the box. Place the box in a slightly larger box with packing materials all around to prevent movement.

When shipping without the original packaging, wrap the thermometer and accessories individually with a generous amount of bubble wrap. Use tape to keep the wrap in place. Get a sturdy cardboard box and fill the bottom with packing materials. Arrange the items on top of the packaging materials and fill all empty spaces with more fillers. It should be well-packed with no movement inside. Close and seal the package with tape.

Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company.

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