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How to Ship a Hutch

shipping a hutch

A hutch also called a hutch dresser, is a piece of home furniture with a table or cabinet base and a set of shelves or more cabinets on top. Hutches are usually made from wood and may have a mirror in the back of the upper shelving to give the additional appearance of depth to better display fineries such as figurines, china,  and other tableware. Cabinet doors on the top portion of hutches are usually made from glass to easily display items and protect them from dust and the elements.

Modern hutches feature sleek lines, simple designs and can be made from veneered wood. Antique ones are usually very ornate and made from solid timber. Whether shipping modern or antique hutches, proper packing is a must to ensure that this bulky and heavy furniture arrive intact and free from damage. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship a hutch.

Just like other modern furniture, hutches designed and made in recent years are usually collapsible and can be easily re-assembled. If shipping a hutch of this type, follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to take down the furniture properly. Disassembled panels and parts can then be wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed. Place all screws, nuts, and bolts in a Ziploc bag and label it for easy re-assembly.

Stack the similarly-sized panels and box them together. Depending on the size of the parts, you may use several boxes to pack the entire hutch. Make sure that the box is lined all around with packing materials to keep the hutch’s parts from moving.

Parts with mirrors and glass must be protected with sufficient padding and cushioning before placing them in boxes. Wrap the bag of screws with bubble wrap and don’t forget to place it in a corner of the box before filling it with packing materials. It also include printed assembly instructions.

It the hutch can’t be disassembled, the best way to protect it from damage during transit is to crate it. Many moving and shipping companies offer crating services. Crated items can be shipped with a standard LTL carrier. This option will ensure your fastest transit time and lowest cost.

Other shipping options for bulky furniture is the blanket wrap shipping, sometimes called pad wrap shipping or moving. This option can take longer to deliver but offers more competitive pricing. Whatever option you choose, make sure to research the company before hiring them. Pick the one with satisfactory reviews from previews clients or ask friends for recommendations. Don’t forget to insure your shipment especially if it is an antique or has high value.

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