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How to Ship Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

shipping furniture cheaply

Furniture can have sentimental value that you would want to take it wherever you go, even abroad. However, hiring professional movers for your furniture can be very expensive. Don’t fret, there are several cheaper ways to ship furniture long distance. Here are a few helpful tips on how to ship your furniture without spending too much:

Advertise in the area where the furniture is located for someone who has a truck and is making a trip to your end location. You can post a classified on websites like Craigslist.com.

Ask a friend with a truck to help you out and haul the furniture for you.

Contact freight and moving companies and ask if space is available on a truck that’s headed your way. For a small amount of furniture, this is cheaper than hiring a whole truck.

Take a vacation to the area where the furniture is located. For the return trip, rent a trailer and haul the furniture back yourself.

Contact Amtrak and ask about their shipping rates. You will have to get the furniture to and from the station yourself, and must also travel with your furniture.

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