How to Ship a Bicycle

How to ship a bicycle Your trusty old bike takes you from Point A to Point B.  You love it very much want to take it wherever you go even overseas. Here are practical tips on how to ship a bicycle so that it arrives in good working condition.

Get a box and a fork brake for your bike from your local bike store. Some stores may charge a nominal fee for their boxes. Make sure to get a box that fits your bike, as not all bikes are the same size.

Make sure the box is in good condition. The staples should fit securely, and you shouldn’t find any weak spots or holes. If you’re unsure of the solidity of the box, find another.

Remove any parts from your bike that you can. This may include the seat, seat post, front wheel, handlebars and pedals.

Pad the tubes of your bike and all separate parts. You can use sheets, bubble wrap, newspaper or whatever else you think will prevent pieces from poking through the box.

Tape the small parts securely to the frame of the bike. Arrange all pieces so nothing sticks out.

Put the fork block into the axle notches where you removed the front wheel. This should protect the bike and prevent it from poking through the box.

Compare shipping prices and ship your bike. Try FedEx, UPS, online shipping companies and any other service with which you’re familiar.

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