How to Ship Car Headlights

Ship Car Headlights Automobile headlights, also called headlamps, are lighting devices attached to the front of a vehicle to illuminate the road ahead. They come in pairs and positioned on each side of the front of a vehicle. They are designed to fit specific car models. These devices are integral parts of an automobile and are legally required to be in good working condition at all times.

The basic components of a headlight are the light bulb, lens, reflector and electrical wiring. These parts are fragile and must be handled with care especially during transport. To avoid any damage during transit, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship car headlights.

Wrap each headlight in bubble wrap, making sure that the lenses are well protected. Then, box each one individually with sufficient padding and fillers to prevent the item from moving inside its box. Foam pads, bubble wrap and packing peanuts can be used to fill spaces.

Place screws, nuts, bolts and other small components in Ziploc bags and wrap in bubble wrap.

Place the two boxes, as well as the bagged small component, in a larger shipping box with packing materials at the bottom. Fill the bigger box with more packing materials, making sure that spaces between and on the sides of the small boxes are well-packed. The key is to eliminate any empty spaces inside the large box so that the smaller boxes will not shift or move around. This process will ensure there is little to no chance of the items being damaged during shipping.

Close the box and seal with heavy duty packaging tape. The bottom flaps should also be secured with tape to prevent them from bursting open.

Address and label the package and bring to your choice of carrier.

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