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Properly Pack Multiple Items in One Box

Packing items of different shapes, weight and sizes in one box can be a shipping nightmare. If not packed properly, items can move and collide with each other during handling and transit, a recipe for breakage and other types of damage. But understanding how to properly pack a box can prevent such headaches. Here are some tips on how to properly pack multiple items in one box.

Group items of similar size and weight to make it easier when packing. Bulky and heavy items must be placed in the bottom of the box while smaller and lighter goods can be placed on top. If possible, avoid packing together extremely fragile items like glass and ceramics with heavy items like metal pans.

Wrap any fragile items with several layers of cushioning such as bubble wrap. Protect items like books, photographs and important documents from water damage by placing them in re-sealable bags. This will keep the items safe in case the package is accidentally exposed to moisture.

Layer the bottom of the box with packing materials before placing the heavy stuff in the bottom. Neatly arrange the items, placing dividers of cardboard or additional packing materials in between objects. Only place lighter object on top of heavier and sturdier ones. Also separate layers with cardboard pieces. Make sure all empty spaces are filled with packing materials up to the top of the box. This will help prevent your items from moving around in the box during transport.

Keep your box in acceptable weight. Apart from getting charged for extra weight, boxes that are too heavy can break open (spilling the contents everywhere). But, be careful not to under pack boxes! Use an appropriately-sized box that can snugly accommodate your items. Any extra space in your box will leave more room for your goods to bounce around and break.

Secure and reinforce the entire package with heavy duty packaging tape. Always tape the top, bottom and all around the entire box to prevent it from breaking or for the seam from bursting.

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