How to Prevent Packages from Getting Flagged and Intercepted

Prevent Packages from Getting Flagged and Intercepted Delayed package delivery is a headache among online sellers.  It causes dissatisfaction among customers which can negatively affect the business.  There are many reasons that causes delay in package delivery.  Some are due to courier issues but most of them can be blamed on the senders inefficient packing.

One reason of delayed delivery is getting flagged and intercepted because the package looked “suspicious” and may contain illegal contraband.  In such cases, the package may be subjected to an inspection.   If found to be compliant, the parcel will be re-packed and delivered to the intended recipient, albeit delayed.  Apart from the delay, some intercepted packages may also arrive in poor condition or even damaged.  Others may not even reach their destination and just declared lost.  Definitely not good for a business.

To avoid such hassles, the key is to pack parcels appropriately and declare the contents accurately if necessary.  More importantly, avoid making your package look worthy of an inspection.  We list down some factors the post office, customs and other agencies use to screen for suspicious parcels to help prevent your package from getting intercepted.

Include a complete recipient and return address which are clearly and legibly written or printed. Check for misspelled words.  Parcels with addresses containing misspelled information (such as names, streets or cities) may not be dispatched for delivery.

Avoid unnecessary or restrictive markings such as writing “Personal” or cryptic messages on the package that may be perceived as “secret codes.”

Packages with excessive postage raises red flags and increases risk of interception.  Exact postage should be applied neatly to the parcel.

Strange odors emanating from a parcel will raise suspicion.  Shippers of illegal contraband are known to use masking agents such as coffee, perfume and fabric softener sheets in their packages to avoid detection.

Packages that looked poorly prepared for shipping may be held for inspection.  Make sure that your parcel is not in anyway lopsided or have uneven weight distribution.  Use sufficient packaging material to keep the item in place inside the package.  Parcels that make noises when shaken may raise a red flag.

Oily stains, discolorations and crystallization on packaging may raise flag for possible leaks or contamination and held for inspection.  Make sure to use clean boxes and packaging.

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