6 Factors to Consider When Packing Items for Shipping

Packing Items for Shipping The key to successfully shipping an item from Point A to Point B is to ensure that it is well protected from factors that can cause damage during transit. By knowing the various factors that can damage your shipment, you can avoid such costly accidents by ensuring that your goods are well-packed and protected before you send them to their destination. Here are the 6 factors that can cause damage to an improperly packed item.

Dropping. Packages can fall while being handled by machinery or shipping personnel. Make sure that fragile items are well-cushioned to protect them against impact from drops and falls.

Vibration. Goods are exposed to a varying intensities of vibration during the shipping process. These vibrations come from various sources including machinery such as conveyor belts and shipping vehicles likeĀ  trucks and aircraft. Make sure that your items are properly packed to survive any damage from vibrations. Vibrations can cause jars to pop open, screws loosen, components to get unplug, items to rub against each other and soft materials to crumble. Make sure that your goods are well-sealed and individually wrapped to prevent damage.

Compression. Packages get stacked during shipping. To avoid damage due to compression, make sure that you use sturdy boxes that can withstand heavy weights and pressure from the top and sides.

Temperature changes. Goods may be exposed to dramatic temperature fluctuations while in transit as caused by season, geography, mode of transport and destination. Packages containing temperature-sensitive goods must be shipped with heat or cold packs to avoid damages during shipment.

Humidity. Humidity may cause condensation that can weaken shipping boxes as they absorb moisture. It can also cause perishable items to go bad. Make sure that your items are in air-tight containers and will not be damaged by moisture caused by humidity.

Air pressure. Shipments can be exposed to pressure changes while in transit. The movement of shipping trucks from low to high elevation can cause pressure to build up that may have adverse effects on shipments. For example, a sealed bag may inflate and pop at high elevations. Make sure that containers you are using can withstand pressure changes and keep your items intact.

Consider these factors when you pack your items for shipping and you can rest assured that your goods will arrive safely and in excellent condition.

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