Crazy Shipments: Most Unusual Items That Have Been Shipped Through Parcel Couriers

Unusual Items That Have Been Shipped Through Parcel Couriers

The parcel courier industry has come a long way since its inception. It has transformed the way we send and receive goods, making it easier, faster, and more convenient. However, it’s not every day that parcel couriers come across unusual items that make them stop and take a second look. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most bizarre things that have been shipped via parcel courier.

Live Animals

One of the most unusual things that have been shipped via parcel courier is live animals. While it’s common to ship pets such as cats and dogs, some people have gone as far as shipping exotic animals such as snakes, scorpions, and even alligators. In 2018, a woman shipped a live puppy via courier, but the puppy died en route due to lack of oxygen.

Body Parts

Yes, you read that right. Body parts have been shipped via parcel courier, and it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Hospitals and research institutions use courier services to transport organs for transplant surgeries. However, there have been instances where body parts were shipped without proper labeling, causing a stir among the courier company’s employees.

Human Ashes

While it’s not uncommon to ship urns containing human ashes, some people have taken it a step further by shipping ashes in an unorthodox way. In 2018, a man shipped his mother’s ashes to her ex-husband via courier in a glittery pink box labeled ‘Happy Divorce Day.’ The courier company expressed their condolences but advised the man to ship the package via the postal service instead.

A Batmobile

Batman’s iconic car, the Batmobile, was shipped via parcel courier in 2013. The 20-foot-long vehicle was being transported from Los Angeles to Saudi Arabia for a car show. The courier company had to use a custom crate to ship the car, which cost around $250,000.

A Replica of the Titanic

In 2016, a replica of the Titanic was shipped via courier from China to the UK. The 9-meter-long model took three months to build and weighed 10 tonnes. The courier company had to use a special container to transport the replica, which was valued at $2.5 million.

A Human Skull

In 2018, a man shipped a human skull via courier to his home in Wisconsin. He had purchased the skull as part of a collection from an antique store in India. However, the package was intercepted by customs officials, who discovered that the skull was from a Native American tribe. The man was forced to surrender the skull, which was returned to the tribe.

A Rocket Engine

In 2015, a rocket engine was shipped via courier from Houston to Seattle. The engine, which weighed 14,000 pounds, was used in the Apollo program and was being transported to the Museum of Flight. The courier company had to use a special truck to transport the engine, which was valued at $10 million.

Human Breast Milk

Breast milk has been shipped via parcel courier for years, especially for mothers who can’t breastfeed or have a low milk supply. However, in 2016, a woman shipped her breast milk to her husband while she was on a business trip. She pumped the milk and put it in a cooler, which she then shipped via courier. The package arrived at her husband’s doorstep, who was able to feed their baby with fresh breast milk.

A 5-Ton Rhino

In 2018, a 5-ton rhino was shipped via courier from South Africa to Texas. The rhino was sedated and placed in a custom-made crate before being transported. The courier company had to take special precautions to ensure the safety of the rhino during transportation, including monitoring the temperature and providing adequate ventilation.

A Giant Inflatable Duck

In 2013, a giant inflatable duck was shipped via courier from Hong Kong to the UK. The 50-foot-tall rubber duck was being transported for an art exhibit and had to be shipped in a custom-made container. The duck caused quite a stir when it arrived in the UK, with many people stopping to take pictures of the unusual package.

In conclusion, parcel couriers have seen it all when it comes to unusual items being shipped. From live animals and body parts to rocket engines and giant inflatable ducks, there seems to be no limit to what people are willing to ship via courier. While some of these items may seem strange, they are a testament to the capabilities of the parcel courier industry to transport even the most unusual packages safely and securely. However, it’s important to note that some items, such as body parts and certain animal species, require special permits and certifications to be shipped legally, so it’s always best to check with the courier company and relevant authorities before shipping any unusual items.