How to Ship Cremated Remains

Ship Cremated Remains Some people wish to be cremated and buried in their hometowns. It is now very easy and hassle-free to carry on with the dying wish of a departed loved one to have his remains returned to his desired location. The guidelines on how to properly ship cremated remains below will ensure that your loved one’s remains will arrive at its destination intact and undamaged.

Cremation remains can either be shipped directly to someone’s home or to the local post office. Make arrangements as to who will receive the package and inform them in advance.

Use the appropriate container. The remains must be in a container that is sealed, resilient and spill-proof enough to withstand shipping. It is best to keep the cremation remains in the funeral home’s packaging which is usually a durable cardboard box with a plastic liner. Seal the plastic liner securely and tape the outside of the box. Then place the box in the shipping container. This will ensure that the cremation remains will arrive to its destination intact. Do not place the cremation remains in an urn, which do not have plastic liners, and may open and spill during shipping.

Take the package in the post office and fill out a Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested form. This is a green and white card offered by the United States Postal Service to request proof of delivery. The card will be mailed to you with the signature of the person who received the cremation remains.

make sure to identify the package as containing cremation remains. This must be noted on the address side of the shipping label.

You may now ship the cremation remains either by Express Mail, Priority Mail or Package Services. All three of these options allow you to ship using the Registered Mail Return Receipt Requested feature.

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