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How to Ship Liquids

Ship Liquids

Shipping anything is easier these days. However, it can be more difficult to ship liquid items in a package. Aside from the risk of breaking, spilling or leaking right through to packaging, more rules regarding shipping materials that are liquids were enforced since 9/11. It is important to check with the local post office or shipping company about what is legal to ship. You never want to break the law and end up being fined or jailed for an innocent mistake.

The following guidelines provide information on how to ship liquids without a hitch.

Before packing your liquid items, be sure to check your liquid container for any small cracks or loose tops before shipping. You do not want ship a product that may leak or break during transit.

Use an extra big box to ship your liquids. Just fill the empty spaces with all sorts of packaging and padding such as packaging peanuts which are available in most shipping stores. You can also use old newspaper to cushion your liquids. Make sure you really padded each bottle or container individually with bubble wrap. The post office would recommend you place your liquids in a plastic bag in case of spillage. This is a good idea because this will prevent a major leak if something does happen.

It’s also a good idea to line the interior of the box with bubble wrap. This will ensure that every bump or hard landing during shipping is well-cushioned.

Write a warning on the box that says fragile. “Fragile” and “Handle With Care” stickers are also available in the post office or shipping stores. Remind whoever is receiving the package that the contents are liquid. This way if anything breaks or spills they are not caught unaware.

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