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International Shipping Via the USPS

International Shipping Via the USPS

The United States Postal Service offers safe and cost-effective ways to send your packages abroad. The post office has 3 international shipping options, namely USPS Priority Mail Express International, USPS Priority Mail International, and USPS First-Class Package International Service.

Each of these services offers shippers a variety of cost-effective options depending on such factors as the size and weight of the package, destination and how fast you want the package to arrive. Here is a lowdown on the three international shipping services offered by the USPS.

USPS Priority Mail Express International
With delivery time ranging from 3 to 5 days to most destinations, the USPS Priority Mail Express International is the fastest international service when sending packages that are not more than 70 lbs. The shipping rate will be based on the weight and destination of your packages.

A Flat Rate option is also available. Official Priority Mail Express Flat Rate packaging must be used when using this option and the package must not be more than 4 pounds.

USPS Priority Mail International
A package will reach its destination in 6 to 10 days when shipped using this option. Rates also depends on the package’s weight, shape, dimensions and country of destination as long as it is not over 70 pounds. It should also have a maximum length and girth dimension of 108 inches.

There is also a Flat Rate option depending on the size of the USPS Priority Mail International box or envelope used and the country of destination.

USPS First-Class Package International Service
This is an affordable international shipping option when sending light-weight packages and envelopes that are not more than 4 lbs. Postage price is based on the package’s weight and country of destination.

With these options, you don’t have to break the bank to send packages abroad. Each country may have its own dimension and weight limits, as well as specific rules and restrictions. Visit USPS.com for information about the limits and restrictions of your country of destination before shipping a parcel abroad. Shipping supplies for these services are available for free at your local post office or at the USPS website.

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