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How to Pack and Ship Window Blinds

shipping window blinds

It may look tedious to ship window blinds because of their length but with the proper know-how, it is just a breeze to send them out. There are many available boxes that can accommodate long and skinny items such as window blinds.  You can purchase these boxes in most shipping supplies stores. Here’s how you should pack and ship window blinds to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

Dust and wash the blinds thoroughly. Take off all removable parts such as the wand and the rod and wrap them in bubble wrap separately. Coil any strings and secure them with rubber bands. Place hardware, such as screws and rod brackets, in a Ziploc bag.

Cinch or roll up the blinds tightly and secure with rubber bands around each end. Measure the roller blinds use this measurement when purchasing a long, rectangular, triangular, or tubular cardboard box.  Get a box that is at least three inches larger than the length of the blinds.

Wrap the blinds in bubble wrap. Secure the ends of the bubble wrap with packing tape.

Place the blinds into the box.

Place crumpled up newspaper at each end of the box to provide a cushion for the blind’s ends.

Print return and shipping address and place them near the center of one long side of the box.

Take the package to your local shipping company, such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, or the United States Postal Service. Because of its length, shipping costs may be higher than standard-size packages of equal weight and distance.

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