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How to Ship Glass Tree Ornaments

Shipping Glass Tree Ornaments

Glass ornaments add special brilliance and sparkle to a tree during Christmastime. Antique and heirloom glass ornaments can be very expensive.  Thus, they must be properly packed and handled when being shipped. The following simple tips on how to properly pack and ship glass tree ornaments will help ensure that they will arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

Wrap each glass ornament in several layers of foam packing sheets. Use tape to secure the sheets but avoid the tape adhesive from getting in contact with the glass ornament.  The adhesive could stick on the glass and be difficult to remove. Also, keep the sheets close to the shape of the ornament with the first few layers so that any impact will be on the foam instead of the ornament itself.

Wrap the foam-wrapped glass ornament in a couple of layers of bubble wrap.  Wrap snugly but not so tight that the pressure breaks the ornament.

Take a sturdy shipping box that can accommodate several pieces of glass ornaments and is big enough to have room for packing materials as cushioning. Half fill the box with packing peanuts.

Gently arrange the wrapped ornaments on top of the packing peanuts, making sure that the ornaments are not too close with each other. Fill in the remaining space with more packing peanuts. Close and gently shake the box to make sure that the contents are not moving. In can the contents are moving, fill the box with more peanuts.

Tape the box with at least two layers of packing tape.  Address and write “FRAGILE” on all surfaces of the box, in large letters with the permanent marker.


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