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How to Pack and Ship Skiing Equipment

How to Ship Skiing Equipment

Going on a skiing vacation but don’t want to take a bulky and awkwardly-shaped baggage with you on the plane? Why not ship your skiing equipment straight to your hotel or destination? Here are tips on how to properly pack and ship skiing equipment to your destination without hassles and problems.

Get a box that can accommodate your skis.  You can get them from skiing supplies dealer or pro shop.  If you asked them nicely, you can get them for free! These boxes are original packaging of the skis when they were delivered to the shops and usually, these boxes are not needed anymore.

Wrap the skis generously with bubble wrap before placing into the box. Fill the empty spaces with newspaper, towels, or more bubble wrap to provide protection and cushion the blows that package will receive during transit. Put extra padding around the tips of the equipment. The box might undergo all sorts of bashing during the shipping process so it should be well protected to avoid damage due to getting dropped, stepped on, kicked, thrown, and having heavier boxes sat on top of it.

If there are no ski boxes available, you can break down large boxes and use them to wrap around the skis. Remember cover every part of the equipment with thick cardboard and use a lot of tape if you take this option.

Remove the fins and wrap them up separately. Place them inside the box and secure with packaging tape so they don’t go all over the place during the trip.

If you want to cut costs, shipping via the United States Postal Service (USPS) is generally the least expensive shipping method. But you can check out other shipping company services and rates as some of them offer pickup so you don’t have to drive it yourself to the post office.

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