How to Ship a Video Camera

shipping a video camera

A video camera, just like any other electronic device, requires proper packing before shipping. It is a fragile item with parts that can easily get scratched, broken or worse, destroyed. Here are some simple tips on how to pack and ship a video camera so that it arrives intact and in good working condition.

The best way to ship a video camera is to keep it in the box it came with. The original packaging, most often than not, provides maximum protection for the device against impact in case the package was dropped. Place the device and accessories on the space allocated in the packaging and seal the box with tape.

In case the original packaging is no longer available, you may use a sturdy box that can accommodate the device and its accessories and allow more space for padding. Wrap the device and accessories in bubble wrap separately before placing it inside the box.

Wrap the box in bubble wrap before placing in a much bigger box lined with packing peanuts at the bottom. Fill the box to the top with more packing peanuts, making sure that all sides are well padded and does not allow the inner box to shift or move around.

Use packing tape to double seal the bottom and top of the box once the electronics are secure.

Address and label the box with “Fragile.” Take the package to the post office and insure the item. It may be an extra cost, but it will give you the peace of mind that in case something happens during shipping, you will recover the costs of your video camera.

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