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How to Ship Popcorn

How To Ship Popcorn

Whether you popped them yourself over a stove or microwave or grabbed them in a can from your neighborhood supermarket, popcorn are excellent comfort food to drive the stress away! They come in numerous variations such as plain, salted, buttered, or slathered with cheese, caramel and other sorts of sweet or savory flavorings. Because popcorn usually reminds people of good memories, these crunchy treats makeĀ  great gift for someone who needs some cheering up. And even if they are miles away, you can still surprise them with a fresh tub of popcorn by simply mailing some.

Shipping popcorn is relatively easy, you just need to make sure that they are in containers that can retain freshness and then boxed appropriately to ensure that they will arrive intact and delicious. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship popcorn.

Store-bought tins, tubs or bags of popcorn from popular gourmet popcorn shops can be easily packed in an appropriately-sized shipping box. These goods are usually packed in containers that will keep the contents fresh so you don’t have to worry about that. Just pop them in the box and fill the sides, bottom and top with packing materials such as crumpled packing paper, bubble wrap or shredded paper. The idea is to keep the tubs, tins or bags in place and will not move around while in transit. Close the box and seal with packaging tape and they are ready for the post office!

If you plan to send your very own homemade popcorn to that special person elsewhere, make sure to pack your concoction in airtight containers to keep it fresh and crunchy. Remember that popcorn is notorious for easily getting staleĀ  when exposed to air. You can also add a packet of desiccant such as silica gel which is available online or in supermarkets to prolong the shelflife of your popcorn. To be safe, you may seal the lid of the container with clear tape to prevent it from popping open while in transit. Box your homemade popcorn following the instructions given above.

Choose the fastest shipping option possible to ensure that the popcorn will arrive at its destination fresh and delicious.

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