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How to Ship A Sink

shipping a sink

Improvements in the shipping industry and advancement in technology have made it easier to ship everything including the kitchen sink! Being made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, ceramic, marble, granite, glass, and even wood, sinks come in different shapes, sizes, and weights.

Whether light or heavy, compact or bulky, shipping a sink requires special packing techniques to ensure that the item arrives in great shape and without any damage. For whatever reason that requires you to send a sink somewhere, here are some tips that can help you properly pack and ship a sink.

Detach parts such as drain tubes, faucets, and knobs before packing your sink. Wrap these parts individually in bubble wrap and place inside the box or crate where they will not move around or get in direct contact with the sink as these metal parts can scratch and damage the finish of the sink.

Light-weight and small sinks, such as those made from stainless steel and aluminum, can be generously wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside sturdy cardboard boxes. Corners and edges of metal sinks must be well padded with bubble wrap or foam padding to prevent these parts from damaging or cutting through the box during transit. The sink should snugly fit in the shipping box, with empty spaces filled with packing peanuts to prevent any movement. Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Also reinforce all seams, including the ones at the bottom of the box with packaging tape.

Heavier, bulkier, and more fragile sinks like those made from stone, glass, or ceramics should be packed in wooden crates that provide optimum protection on all sides. Fragile sinks must be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them against bumps and scratches. Wooden blocks can be screwed onto the crate to help hold the sink in place and prevent it from moving. Parts of the sink that will be in contact with the wooden braces, or any other part of the crate, should be well protected with foam padding or bubble wrap to avoid damages. Close the crate and screw the lid in place.

Take the package to a shipping company or you can have it picked up. Buy insurance when shipping a valuable item.

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