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How to Ship Pistachios

Ship pistachio nutsPistachios are one of the healthiest nuts around. They are filled with essential nutrients and have a number of health benefits including lowering  risk for heart problems, controlling weight, protecting against diabetes and improving digestion.

These delicious nuts are great snacks on their own or could be a tasty ingredient to baked goods, desserts and can even add flavor and texture to savory dishes. Pistachios, which are widely available any time of the year, come shelled or with their split shells still intact.

Like all nuts with a high fat content, pistachios should be stored properly to prevent them form becoming stale or losing their crunch.  When shipping pistachios, here are some tips to ensure that they arrive fresh and delicious.

Good quality pistachio nuts have split shells. Non-split shells usually contain immature kernels and should be discarded.

Pistachios tend to draw moisture from the air, and may otherwise lose their freshness and crunch. Thus, it is essential to store pistachios in an airtight container or seal-able bags, specially the shelled kind.

Fill a container with as much pistachios as it can hold to prevent rattling during transit which may cause the nuts to break apart. You may use paper towels, bubble wrap or tissue paper to fill any empty space inside a container.

When using bags, make sure to remove as much air as possible before sealing them closed.

Place your container/s or bag/s of pistachios in a sturdy cardboard box with packing materials on the bottom, all sides and top. The box should be well-packed with no space for movement. Close the box and seal with packaging tape.

Address and label the package and take to the post office or shipping company of your choice. Opt for expedited shipping or the fastest method available to ensure that the nuts are not held in a holding facility for a long period of time.

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