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Ship Orchid Plants

Orchids have a variety of beautiful blooms in all colors, shapes and sizes.  Many gardening enthusiast are hooked on collecting different varieties of orchids to admire in their gardens or even indoors. Orchids are propagated by root division every two or three years. Healthy plants can be easily packaged and mailed to friends and family through the U.S. Postal Service. Here are tips on how to ship orchid plants the right way.

Prepare the orchid plant by cleaning its roots in running water and gently brushing off any soil or potting medium. Set the plants on paper towels and allow to dry for approximately one hour.

Spray water on a paper towel, it should be moist but not dripping wet. Place the moistened paper towel in a Ziploc storage bag and add a couple or more of orchid plants depending on the size of the bag. The bag should not be overcrowded with plants. Seal the bag. Do the same to make more bags of orchids.

Use white sticker labels and a permanent marker to identify the species of orchids and attach it on the bags.

Get a shipping box and layer the bottom with two inches of packing peanuts. Place the bags in the box in a single layer. Cover the bags with more packing peanuts to the top of the box.

Seal the box with tape and attach an addressed Priority Mail shipping label on the box for shipping.

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