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How to Ship Lily of the Valley Plants

ship Lily of the Valley plants

The lily of the valley is a popular ground cover plant because of its fast-spreading ability, vivid green foliage and tiny immaculate bell-shaped flowers. The blooms are also widely sought after for use in wedding bouquets and flower arrangements. Because it can easily be propagated,  lily of the valley plants are favorite among gardeners and plant enthusiasts. They can easily be sent through the U.S. Postal Service and hardy enough to survive unscathed as long as proper packing procedures are observed. Here’s how to properly pack and ship lily of the valley plants.

Take the plant from its pot and thoroughly clean the roots by placing under running water.  Make sure to take out the soil from the bulbs and lay them on some paper towels to dry.

When completely dry, take some newspaper and wrap the roots. Place the entire plant inside a Ziploc bag and seal the bag. You may place several plants in a bag as long as they are not too cramped together. Label each bag.

Take a priority-mailing box and layer an inch of packing peanuts in the bottom. Lay a bag on top of the packing materials and cover again with a layer of packing peanuts.  Repeat the procedure until you reach the top of the box.  The topmost layer should be packing materials.  The contents of the package should not move of shift when the box is slightly shaken.

Close the box and seal with packing tape. Address the box and put labels such as “Handle with Care.”

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