How to Ship Leather Shoes

The cost of a pair of high-quality leather dress shoes can get ridiculously high. But that’s the price of good quality and excellent craftsmanship. You are actually not getting value for your money when you buy cheap shoes that are made from low-grade materials.

Because of their value, leather shoes must be well packaged and protected when being shipped to avoid damages such as scratches and nicks on the leather as well as getting deformed. Here are some important tips on how to properly pack and ship leather shoes to keep them in good condition and help them survive the rough environment they will go through during the entire shipping process.

Whether shipping a used or brand new pair of leather shoes, fill the inside of each shoe with a crumpled newspaper so that it will keep its ideal shape. Shoe trees made from light-weight plastic can also be used.

Wrap each shoe in at least a couple of layers of bubble wrap to prevent them from getting scratched in case they banged on each other during transit. Place the pair of leather shoes inside its original shoebox and fill any empty spaces with more bubble wrap to prevent any movement. If the original box is no longer available, use any sturdy cardboard box that can fit the shoes snugly and not too cramped that the shoes are forced to fit in.

Close the shoebox and secure top with packing tape. Place the shoebox in the center of a slightly bigger shipping box. Fill all sides with packing materials such as crumpled newspaper and bubble wrap so that the inner box stays in place. Close the shipping box and seal with packaging tape.

Address and label the box and take to your local post office. The USPS’ Parcel Post shipping is an affordable option to send packages. Rates are determined by weight and distance of the destination. It will take from two to eight days for the package to be delivered using this option.

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