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How to Ship Homemade Dog Treats

Shipping homemade dog treats

Commercially-available dog treats are usually made from fillers and synthetic products that may do more harm than good to dogs.  More often than not, these treats are laden with preservatives to prolong their shelf life but could pose health hazards to animals. These are some of the reasons why an increasing number of dog lovers are preferring to make their own dog treats for their pets made from natural, nutritious and preservative-free products.

If you are one of the many pet lovers who have ventured into making homemade dog treats a profitable business, here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship homemade dog treats so they arrive fresh and in good condition.

Because homemade dog treats do not have preservatives, they should be sent out as soon as possible after making them.  However, they should be allowed to cool completely before packing to avoid condensation. Moisture can shorten the shelf life dog treats because of mildew or molds.

Wrap dog treats that are around 3 inches or larger individually in plastic wrap. For smaller treats, you may wrap two pieces together in plastic wrap. Wrapping them helps keep them in one piece during the entire shipping process.

Place the wrapped homemade dog treats in an airtight container that has been lined with bubble wrap on the bottom and all of the sides.  You can use plastic containers with a lid or old cookie tin. Arrange the treats neatly on top of another with a piece of bubble wrap on each layer.  This will minimize breakage. Fill the container as much as possible so that there will be no space for the treats to move around. If there are any empty spaces, fill it with more packing materials such as bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper or shredded paper. There should be no movement when the container is closed and shaken.

Place the inner container inside a slightly larger cardboard shipping box with at least a couple inches extra spaces on all sides. Fill all the sides with packing materials such that the inner container remains in the center of the box while its bottom, sides, and top are protected by packing materials.  Close the box and shake a bit to check if the inner container is shifting. If it is, fill the outer box with more packing materials until it is well packed.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Address and label the package and take to your local post office or shipping company. Choose the fastest shipping option possible so that the homemade dog treats remain fresh.

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