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How to Ship Designer Bags and Purses

Shipping designer bags

Handbags and purses made from genuine leather can get a bit expensive, especially the ones with designer labels.  Thus, it is imperative to pack leather bags appropriately when shipping them elsewhere.  Here are some tips on how to properly pack a leather bag or purse for shipping so that it arrives in its destination unscratched and undamaged.

1. The best way to pack a leather handbag is to place it inside a dustbag and box before packing it in a larger box cushioned with packing materials.  Branded bags usually come with their own dustbag and box, but if there are none available,  ordinary white pillow cases will do as well as a sturdy cardboard box that can snugly accommodate the bag.

2. Aside from keeping dust and other elements away from the bag, the dustbag and box will ensure that the leather good inside is protected from scratches and other damages.

3. It is a good idea to put some wadded tissue paper or bubble wrap inside the bag so that it won’t lose its shape. Place the bag inside a dustbag or pillow and then in its original box or a sturdy shipping box.  Make sure that the bag will not shift in the box by filling empty spaces with more tissue paper. Close and seal the box with packaging tape.

4. Fill the bottom of a bigger shipping box with an inch or two of packing materials such as peanuts.  Place the smaller box on top of the packing peanuts and in the center of the bigger box.  Fill the remaining spaces with more packing peanuts up to the top of the box.

5. Close the bigger box and test if the contents inside are shifting. If there is movement, add more packing materials.

6. Seal and secure the box generously with packing tape.  Address and label the package and take to a shipping company or post office.

7. You may want to consider buying insurance if you are shipping an expensive designer bag.

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