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How to Ship Home-Baked Muffins

How to Ship Muffins

A package of fresh home-baked muffins is a special treat to receive.  However, shipping muffins, or any baked goods for that matter, requires a bit more effort to ensure that they arrive in their destination fresh, sumptuous and ready to be appreciated.

Packing muffins for shipping depends on the length of anticipated transit time. If expected shipping period for muffins is only a day or two, extensive special packaging isn’t required, but you still need to place them in a container that will prevent them from crumbling. When shipping muffins overseas, where it will take a week or more to reach the destination, extra precautionary measures are necessary to ensure that the muffins make it unspoiled and undamaged. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship Home-Baked Muffins.

For short distances that will only take a day or two in transit, any muffin recipe is fine. But when shipping long distances, avoid using perishable ingredients like fresh fruits or berries, butter, margarine, honey, brown sugar, molasses, peanut butter or nuts. Instead, use muffin recipes that call for oil and white table sugar.

Cool the muffins first before packaging them for shipping. It is best to wrap each muffin individually then place wrapped muffins in a plastic zipper bag. For long distance shipping, freeze the muffins and seal in a plastic bag with a vacuum sealer. Place in a plastic container, cover and wrap with foil.

Get a shipping box and put a layer of packing material, such as crushed newspaper or craft paper, bubble wrap or foam. Place the wrapped container of muffins into the box and surround with more packing material until the box is snugly packed.

Close the box and seal securely.  Add address and shipping labels.

Ship domestically by Priority Mail or Overnight; expect at least a week to ship overseas by Air Mail.

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