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How to a Ship Key Lime Pie

How to a Ship Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is one of the most popular American desserts.  It was invented in Key West, Florida in the late 19th century using only the best and finest key limes, egg yolks and condensed milk. In 2006, Key Lime Pie is declared as the Official Pie of the State of Florida.

Shipping a key lime pie to family and friends outside Florida requires special procedures so that it will reach its destination intact and delicious with the crust still flaky,  the filling creamy and rich, and the cream topping fluffy. Here’s how to properly pack and ship a Key Lime Pie.

Cover the key lime pie with a lid that is tall enough to not touch the cream topping.

Get some crumpled up pieces of newspaper and place balls of paper across the top of the lid. The lid should be completely covered.

Place another plastic lid on top of the paper.

Use packing tape all around the cover. Start at the top and go all the way around until you are back at the top. This will secure the plastic lid in place.

Wrap it again with a piece of aluminum foil.

Place the pie inside a box for shipping and stuff the surrounding area with newspaper so that the pie does not move around. Even better, pack the pie in a box that it just fits into, and pack that box into a larger box with packing material stuffed on all sides.

Put a piece of cardboard on top of the pie cover.

Close and seal the box.  Address and attach labels such as “Fragile”.

Choose overnight shipping so that the pie remains fresh.

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