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How to Ship Fruit Trees

Ship Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are great gifts. Aside from the beautiful blooms and tasty fruits, they add shade and aesthetic appeal to a lawn or garden. However, old fruit trees that have become established in the ground rarely survive being uprooted, packaged and shipped. The best ones for gift-giving are those clean, healthy bare-root seedlings which can tolerate packaging and shipping. These dormant seedlings are easy to package and ship through the U. S. Postal Service.  Here are tips on how to pack and ship fruit trees.

Start by cleaning the fruit tree roots. Place them under running water to remove excess soil. Spread on a table to dry. This will take approximately one hour.

Label the trees with the species and variety. Use labels with strings attached and write in permanent marker.

Line a 2-gallon bucket with burlap. Place the fruit tree seedling in the bucket.

Fill the bucket with sterile soil. The soil should cover the roots and about 8 inches of the trunk.

Wrap the burlap around the soil and roots. Use wire ties to secure.

Place the trees into appropriately-sized shipping box, making sure that there is enough space for the plants to breathe. Use packaging peanuts to fill empty spaces around the bucket to secure the trees in place.

Tape the box closed. Properly address a priority mail label and affix to the box. Also put “Handle with Care” stickers.

Take the package to your local post office.

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