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How to Label a Package for Shipping

Label a Package for Shipping

Aside from appropriate packaging, items for shipping must also be properly labeled and addressed to ensure that they arrive in their destinations without a glitch. Following are some guidelines on how to properly label a package for shipping.

Use a permanent waterproof marker for your labels.  This will ensure that the label won’t disappear if the package gets exposed to rain and the elements.

When printing labels on sticker paper, use weatherproof laser printer.  This will not run when exposed to water unlike inkjet printing. Also use durable polyester sticker paper with strong adhesive.

Double check the address you are sending to. Make sure that it is legible if hand written, spelled correctly and with complete details including the receiver’s name.

If reusing a box, remove old labels from the external shipping package.

Put the label in a prominent position. Avoid placing it over a seam or flap that can be destroyed in case the package needs to be opened for inspection.

To be sure, place an additional label on the inside of the package.  Labels, or even the external package, can get damaged by rain and other elements.  The extra label will ensure that the items will still get to their destination.

Also create a return address label and insert it inside the package.  This is helpful in case the item needs to be returned.

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