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How To Ship Frozen Food

Ship frozen food

Freezing allows us to enjoy foods that are not in season. It is also a much healthier preservation technique, as compared to canning, because it requires no chemical preservatives. Freezing food slows down decomposition by turning water to ice, making it unavailable for most bacterial growth.

Shipping frozen foods is a great way to send and receive your favorite munchies without the risk of spoiling, as long as it’s done right. Below are some tips on how to ship frozen food the right way.

The most important thing to consider in shipping frozen foods is how to keep the deep-freezing temperature of your food. The secret is dry ice (solid form of carbon dioxide) which helps to keep frozen foods fresh. The internet is a good source for locating a dry ice carrier in your area. Online dry-ice suppliers also provide information on the quantity of ice required for your packaging. The general rule of thumb is that Dry ice has to be refreshed with 5- 10 pound packs for every 24 hours of transit. Your dry ice carrier will be filled accordingly.

Make sure to wrap your food in a plastic bag so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with Dry Ice.

Use an insulated container to pack your frozen food in so that changes in temperature, inside or outside don’t affect the packaging or the coldness of the container. Urethane containers, two-inches thick serve best for shipping purposes. Use more Dry ice if the thickness is less than what is prescribed.

Make sure to lay the food at the bottom of the insulated container and then top it up with the ice. The packaged food should be packed tightly and closely with the dry ice. The extra space can be filled up with newspapers or Styrofoam pieces.

Take the package to a dependable shipping company and choose overnight shipping as transit time will be less in such cases. Dry ice will keep your food frozen for up to 48 hours and you can also be rest-assured that with less transit time and just an overnight journey, your food will be frozen just as packaged.

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