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Hot to Ship a Dog

shipping a dog

Dogs are known as “man’s best friend” and for good reasons. They are more than just a friendly animal presence in the home that barks when it wants attention. Dogs do not only provide companionship and affection, but they are also even known to have health benefits to their owners.

Sometimes, dogs need to be shipped to another location to reunite with their humans or for adoption. It is possible to safely ship a dog from one place to another as long as some steps on how to ship a dog properly and safely are followed.

Inquire about the airline’s rules and regulations on shipping animals when shipping a dog by plane. Every airline has different rules and regulations for shipping dogs.

Make sure the dog is healthy as long trips can be harsh on some pets. Take your dog to the vet for a check-up and make sure that all of the dog’s papers and shots are up to date. Never ship a sick dog. 3

Buy a travel kennel for your dog. The kennel must be big enough for the dog to lay down and move around inside. It should also accommodate a toy and some food and water for the trip.

Legibly write your contact information with a permanent marker on the side of the kennel. This will help the shipping staff to locate you if the dog were to get lost during the transport.

Make sure the dog is wearing a collar and tags during the trip. This will help the dog to be identified if he were to get separated from his kennel. Make sure the tags have the dog’s name and your name, address and telephone number.

Always use a reliable transporter who has experience in shipping dogs.

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