How to Ship Fresh Mushrooms

shipping fresh mushrooms

Growing mushrooms is fast becoming a lucrative business. These edible fungi come in a variety of forms and flavors and are most sought after because of their nutritional value. In fact, mushrooms are known as a good meat alternative amongst vegetarians. If shipping mushrooms, proper packaging must be observed as they are fragile and can easily deteriorate. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship fresh mushrooms to ensure that they arrive in the best condition possible.

Clean the mushrooms thoroughly with dry paper towels. You can wash them in water but make sure to dry them off very well as moisture can encourage bacterial buildup that could lead to rotting.

Place the mushrooms in a clean paper bag or any container made from any porous material. You may poke a hole in the bag to let excess moisture to escape. Avoid using plastic bags like Ziploc bags as these do not allow the mushrooms to breathe.

Get a shipping box, fill its bottom with packing material such as shredded paper and place the bagged mushrooms on top. Fill every side, top and other empty spaces with more shredded paper to prevent the bags from moving around in the box during transit.

Close the box and seal with packing tape.  Address and label the package and bring it to your local post office or shipping company. Pick the quickest option such as overnight or next day delivery. The sooner the mushroom can arrive at its destination, the better shape it will be in.

If shipping during hot weather or to a warm destination, you may want to pack the mushrooms in an insulated box and add some freezer packs.

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