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How to Ship Food Via the Post Office

shipping food by mail

If a loved one from far away emails you and says that he misses your home-cooked meals and specialties, why don’t you surprise him by sending some! He will surely appreciate it. Sending cooked food via the post office is an easy way to satisfy a loved one’s food cravings.  It’s fast and easy to send out food as long as you properly packed the goodies. However, you must only ship food items that will not go bad before reaching their destination. Here’s a simple guideline on how to ship food via the post office.

Allow the food to cool completely after cooking to prevent moist droplets from forming.

Tightly wrap the food in plastic wrap and then re-wrap it with aluminum foil.

Take an air-tight plastic container and place the food inside.  Seal tightly. You can also use a zipper storage bag if there is no air tight food container available.

Layer the shipping box with packing peanuts until it is about one-fourth full.

Bubble wrap the food container (or Ziploc bag) and place it into the shipping box. Fill the remaining empty space with packing peanuts.

Close the box lid and seal the edges with packing tape.

Label “Perishable” or use “tag 9” from the post office that says, “Perishable – Do Not Delay” and then address the box as needed.

Request Priority Mail at the post office and let the postmaster know the item is perishable to ensure your package reaches its destination without complications.

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