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How to Pack and Ship Valuable Glass Items

Nobody ever wants to receive shattered pieces of valuable glass figurines. Here are some tips on how to pack and ship valuable glass items to ensure that they arrive safely and in perfect condition!

Wrap each glass item in at least three layers of bubble wrap. Secure with tape but use sparingly as too much tape can lessen the effect of the air bubbles.

Use a properly sized shipping box. A sturdy box that will accommodate your glass item and give a maximum of two inches of space all around the object would be the best. The space allowance is meant for packing materials that will soften the blow in the harsh shipping environment.

Packing peanuts are the best packing materials for glass items.  Never use newspapers, rags, disposable diapers, etc.

Layer at least two inches of packing peanuts in the bottom of the box.  Position the bubble-wrapped item in the center of the box so it will receive the best equal amount of peanut cushioning.

Then, fill all the remaining empty spaces with peanuts all way to the top of the box. Never scrimp on those peanuts, you should have a tight solid package!

Close the box and gently shake. The item inside the box should not shift around when the package is shaken. Seal the box close with packaging tape.

Double-boxing is not necessary if you packed the item well. However, it is a UPS Shipping/Claim Requirement. The outer Box must be about two inches larger than the inner box and the additional space must also be peanut filled. Double-boxing adds about 1 more pound to the weight/cost.

When shipping more than one item per box, make sure to wrap each item separately with bubble wrap.  Also, ship no more than two items per box.

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