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How to Ship Bumpers

ship bumpers

Car bumpers are some of the most intimidating items to ship because of their sizes and shapes. They are so bulky and irregularly-shaped that its impossible to find a box which can accommodate such items and protect them against any damage such as scratches and dents during transit.

However, it is not impossible to ship bumpers. Armed with the right information about proper packaging, shipping this kind of items is not that troublesome at all. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship bumpers to ensure that they arrive free from damage and in great condition.

Clean and dry your bumper. To protect its paint and finish, you may opt to cover the entire thing with wide painter’s masking tape. The tape will protect the bumper’s finish from any nick or scratch during transit without leaving any adhesive residue on its surface. Alternatively, wrap the entire bumper with plastic wrap.

Then, cover the bumper with several layer of bubble wrap.  The more layers, the better the item will be protected from damages due to impact. Secure the wrap in place with heavy duty packaging tape. Also make sure that every part is well covered and both ends are given extra padding as these parts are most prone to bumps and damages due to falls.

Purchase some large sturdy shipping boxes and cut them into sheets and use these to cover the entire bumper. You can also cut costs by asking for discarded cardboard boxes from stores in your neighborhood. Fold the cardboard sheets according to the bumper’s shape and use packaging tape to hold them together. Use several layers of cardboard if possible when wrapping damage-prone areas like the ends and edges. Make sure to use a lot of packaging tape around the cardboard-wrapped bumper to ensure that the packaging will not fall apart during transit and rough handling.

Attach address and labels on the middle of the package. Cover the address with clear tape to protect it from moisture. Take the packed bumper to your choice of shipping company. Greyhound Shipping is a practical option when shipping bulky items.

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