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How to Ship a Baseball Cap

shipping a baseball cap

Baseball caps have become more than just part of a baseball player’s uniform. This head gear is now a ubiquitous fashion accessory among many individuals. These caps come in a variety of designs, materials, colors, sizes and price ranges and make great gifts for all occasions, whether the recipient is young or old, male or female.

These head gear are also practical during sunny, rainy and windy weather conditions and wearing one is a great way to hide unkempt locks during a particularly bad hair day. A lot of celebrities try to walk around in public incognito by wearing baseball caps and sunglasses. Some of them succeed but a lot do not because a $500 designer cap will surely catch a lot of attention!

There are others who collect baseball caps to add to their sports memorabilia collection. Rare or limited edition baseball caps, as well as those signed by a popular athlete, can fetch thousand of dollars!

Shipping a baseball cap should not be complicated because it doesn’t weight a lot nor to bulky to fit in a package. However, it still needs to be properly packed to ensure that it doesn’t get crushed or deformed during the shipping process. Here are some tips on how to properly pack and ship a baseball cap so that it arrives in good form.

A baseball cap is best packed in a box to protect its rounded crown and stiff brim or visor from getting damaged. Bubble mailers do not provide rigid protection and will surely deform the cap.

Fill the crown with crumpled paper (avoid newspaper as the ink might stain the cap) and cover the entire cap with bubble wrap. Use tape to secure wrap in place.

Place the cap inside a sturdy shipping box that is not too big nor too small. The cap should sit snugly inside the box without any space for movement. Fill any space with more bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Using USPS Priority Mail box, which comes free from the post office of USPS website, is great for shipping baseball caps.

Close the box and seal with packaging tape. Attach address and labels. Take the package to your local post office and ship priority mail. You will only pay a flat rate depending on the size of USPS box you used, regardless of the weight of the package. Alternatively, you can send the cap via 1st class or parcel but you will have to provide our own box and rate will depend on the size and weight of the package.

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