How to Ship an Iguana Via Mail

Ship an Iguana Via Mail Iguanas are some of the most popular lizards kept as pets due to their calm disposition and bright colors. The green iguana is probably the most popular species and the easiest to find in pet stores. Because of their popularity, information about them is widely available, as well as veterinarians who are experienced in this species.

However, iguanas are also some of the most expensive reptiles around and can be very demanding to care for properly. They need a large space as their body length can reach up to 2 meters, as well as require special lighting and heat.

An iguana can be shipped via mail as long as it is healthy and meets certain requirements set by the post office. Here are guidelines on how to ship an iguana via mail.

Only iguanas that are not more than 20 inches in length are allowed to be mailed. The animal should also be able to reach its destination in good condition without requiring any food, water, or attention during transport.

The mailing container used must be made of at least a 275‑pound test, double-wall, corrugated, weather‑resistant fiberboard with adequate ventilation holes. The requirement ensures that the container is sturdy enough to prevent getting crushed during handling and transit.

Once the animal is inside, the container must be securely sealed to prevent escape. Address and label the package with “Live Harmless Reptile.” Avoid labeling the package with “fragile,” “perishable,” “glass,” or any other misleading way as this may cause problems if post office personnel discovers that you have mis-declared the contents.

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