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6 Ideas on How to Ship a Wakeboard

shipping a wakeboard

Wakeboarding is fast becoming a popular sport.  However, the board is quite cumbersome to carry around in airports to reach your wakeboarding destination.  It is a good idea to ship your equipment ahead of you so it will be ready for adventure when you arrive.  Because of its shape and size, this water sports equipment must be properly packed before shipping.  Here are some tips on how to properly ship your wakeboard so it arrives in perfect condition and ready for the waves.

1. Before packing, make sure to clean the equipment and remove the fins. Wrap them separately in bubble wrap and securely attach it to the board with packaging tape before placing it in a shipping box.

2. Wrap the entire board in bubble wrap, making sure that every part is well padded especially the tips because they are more exposed to bumps and falls. Aside from bubble wrap, you can also use newspaper and towels.

3. Because of its odd shape and size, it’s difficult to buy a shipping box that can accommodate the board from a regular shipping supplies store.  What you can do is go to a wakeboard dealer or pro shop and ask them for the boxes their equipment was originally sent in. These boxes are usually just thrown out in the garbage so if you ask nicely you can get them for free.

4. These boxes are the best because they can accommodate your board perfectly.  However, if you can’t find such boxes, you can make your own by taking some larger boxes and breaking them down and wrapping them around the wakeboard. Make sure to use a lot of packaging tape when you are going this route.

5. Remember that it’s possible your box will be dropped, stepped on, kicked, thrown, and have heavier boxes sat on top of it. So pack and cushion it well.

6. Address and label the package and take it to a reputable shipping company.  Also, inform your hotel that a package will arrive and to take it when it comes ahead of you.

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